Viper Shine "Perfect"

Viper Perfect is a blend of premium silicones, specialized additives and high purity solvents. The combination of these materials create an excellent tire dressing "perfect for pads." The product has very low surface tension resulting in excellent absorption and performance in pads.
There are there are three notable differences between Viper Perfect and the Other Solvent Pad Product:

1. Viper Perfect does NOT contain dye
2. Viper Perfect does NOT contain fragrance
3. Viper Perfect COST 30-50% LESS.

Oh, you have one last question.....

Q: "What about the pads? If I don't buy their tire shine I have to pay $500 for the pads."

A: We've heard a lot of people ask this same question. That's why we provide a $500 credit to purchase the
replacement pads. Buy four Viper Perfect drums and receive a credit to purchase a complete set of pads.

$1,045.00 Per 55 Gallon Drum - Call to order (quantity discounts available)

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